Ayesha is a Pakistani artist based in Karachi. She is a born artist. Being encouraged from a young age to always be involved in hands-on activities including Painting, Drawing, Makeup Artist, and Hair Stylist allowed Ayesha to quickly discover her passion and expression through art. Ayesha credits much of her work and success to date to the constant support from her family and especially her mother who continuously inspired her work, and encouraged her to follow her dreams and never give up. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen with her family. Ayesha is amazing to work with, not only is supper talented but also honest in her work and working closely with her clients to create vibrant, personal pieces for their homes, business, and loved ones.

For Some of Us, The Ocean Lives Within.

As many have done in mythology, I relate the beauty and energy of water to feminine power. Water has long been equated with the feminine aspects of creation, nature, and spirituality. I see the ocean as life-giving, fertile, powerful, sensual, changing, and mysterious. In my art, my brushstrokes mimic expressions of water. My paints create currents, splashes, and fluidity. I am inspired by water’s glimmering interaction with light. I discovered a unique technique to imitate the effects of water’s refractive nature. The harmony of these elements combined with the dichotomy of my muses’ power and softness reflects my interpretation of the sea in relation to femininity.